Tuesday, April 28, 2009

gud bye my friend

Don't be sad my friend if I'm leavin '
coz I know this is not an ending
although i will go far away
but still my heart will always stay
i know goodbye is not forever
but i need to do it coz its mandatory
it's not my intent to run
but it is what time demands
i hope you won't forget
the memoris that you and i built
coz i considered it as a priceless treasure i ever had
that no one can get even the strongest god
our friendship is certified unbreakable
coz we surpass those test and troubles
many tried and did
but no one succeed
this is the time to live
even my heart itself forbid
just remind you to take care
coz im not anymore there .

Saturday, April 18, 2009

everything happens with a purpose!!!

yesterday i and my cousins watched the movie knowing.It is really a beautiful movie all i can say because the story is really realistic although the effects are far from reality.The Movie reveals that, not all things in this world can be explained by science but there are some instances that we need to really on theological aspect just to understand why things happens.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

my new friend........

habang ako ay naglalakad papauwi ay may sumusunod sa akin. akala ko baka mga tambay sa amin at baka pagtripan pa ako kaya binilisan ko ang aking paglakad... hind parin ito tumigil sa kakasunod sa akin kaya tumakbo nalang ako pauwi....... perohandyan parin hindi talaga ako lumilingon akala ko kataposan ko na .....para bang nasa pilikola na hinahabol ang bida ng masasamang tao... gayon talaga ang pakiramdamdam ko at that time. para akong mamatay sa takot atkabog na aking puso...nung malapit na ako sa amin ay huminto na ako at naglakas ako na lingonin...subalit sapaglingon ko ay liking gulat ko ng makita ko ang isang cute lang palang puppy... lumapit ito sa akin habang ang kanyang buntot ay yumiyipo.. kaya hinimas ko ang ulo niya.... ang amo talaga niya...pinatuloy ko siya sa aming bahay at pinakain.. at pagkabukas ay sinabi sa aking mama na isa- uwi ko daw sa may ari.. pero hindi ko naman alam kung kanino yung aso, kaya sinabi ko kay mama na sa amin nalang kasi cute naman ang aso.... pero nag insist parin c mama na isauwi ko ang aso sa may ari.. sinabi ko kay mama na kung may maghanap ay saka na namin i uwi.. at sumang ayon naman siya..... mga one week yung aso sa amin ... kaya nasanay na ako na pag uwi ko ay may sumalubong siya sa akin... but one time nung umiwuwi ako ay laking gulat ko ng hindi ko siya nakita... tinanong c mama kung saan ang aso.. at sinabi ni mama na kinuha na ng may ari..... kaya nasaktan talaga ako.... sabi ko pa bakit mo ibnuwi ma sa atin na yun... sabi panaman niya... sayang ang pabuya anak..

Monday, November 10, 2008

my Xperienced in counseling

Extra-marital relationship
jean, 25 years 0f age, confided about her marital situation.
jean: i am very much dissatisfied with my marriage. i have been for almost five years in the relationship. in the first year of our relationship we don't have problems about sexual contact but in the proceeding years our marriage life he change a lot. he don't have time for me, he always come at night very late. and he will sleep without doing his responsibility of mine as husband.
me:do you feel frustrated because your expectation with your husband does not met?
jean:Well, its like I'm not married at all.
me:is it senseless for you , if you don't have contact with him?
jean: yes , because I'm still young and active for this matter.Even he gave me all thew material things i need it doesn't mean that i am happy for it.
me: he gave all the materials you need ,why you did not even appreciate it?
jean: i enter this marriage for only one reason and that is to live with a man who can give me the intimate happiness i need.but now i realize that it seems so opposite .
me:do you feel miserable because the things happen is opposite to what you hope for?
jean:yes, and i am going to break that family.
me: and you will be worsen.
jean: I'm so lonely and empty i met a guy in our office .he always make me laugh and i offered my secret to him and i considered him as a good confidant . until we dont realize that we fall each other. and he told me to live my husband and go with him.what should i do .
me:you are really in a great dilemma. you are in love with a man whom you dream to be with but you value lasting relationship.
jean: i don't want my child will suffer of my foolishness
i. i love them.
me:you mentioned two reason why you cant live your husband because. first you want lasting marriage. second is you don't want to hurt your children.
jean:this guy give me what my husband cant . and i do love him.
me:if you use your heart you go to this guy.
jean:yes, but if I will use my head then i will choose my family..

what will be her final decision?
this experience test my personal congruence towards other people.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

life is like a pendulum it always sway from right to left. its like in real life, whenever we have problems we need to shift into a happy side because if you will stick on one side then probably theirs something with you... he he he............
by:Mr. pendulum
mas komportable ako pag nag iisa. malayo sa mga tao, ingay at distorbo. akala nga ng aking guro may psyche problem ako pero. sa totoo ...... meron joke ..minsan lang..